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(时间:120分钟 满分:150分)

第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)



W:I’m so excited.

M:Any good news?

W:Jimmy and I got the chance to visit New York with another three people for free.

1.How many people will visit New York for free?


A.2. B.3. C.5.


M:I think you’d better type this letter again before Mr Smith sees it.

W:Oh,dear!Is it as bad as that?

2.What does the man advise the woman to do?

A.See Mr Smith.

B.Check the letter.

C.Type the letter again.


M:What’s the matter with Jane?She has been sitting there for hours.

W:A letter from her mother made her feel homesick.

3.What’s wrong with Jane?

A.She misses her home very much.

B.She hasn’t received her mother’s letter.

C.She is worried about her mother’s health.


W:Have you played baseball before?My husband says their team needs one more player.

M:Not really.But I like ball games,so I believe it will be fun to learn baseball.

4.What does the man want to do?

A.Learn to play baseball.

B.Organise a baseball team.

C.Find a baseball player.


M:You should have prepared your speech for the meeting,Susan.

W:Yes,I know.But how could I prepare with the meeting date fixed so soon?

5.What does Susan mean?

A.She had a date then.

B.She will put off the meeting.

C.She didn’t have time to prepare the speech.





W:Hello,Rick.I’ve come to say goodbye to you.

M:Are you going back to your country Canada?

W:No.I’ll travel in Europe with my parents as this term is over.I want to go to France.But my parents prefer Germany.We’ll travel for two months.

M:Wow,the whole summer vacation!Wish you an enjoyable holiday.

6.Why does the woman come to see Rick?

A.To say goodbye.

B.To ask for advice.

C.To invite him to her home.


7.Which country would the woman like to visit?

A.Canada. B.France. C.Germany.



W:I read a report on the people who can use a foreign language,mainly English.

M:Really?What’s it about?

W:It’s mainly about the different attitudes people have towards the foreign language learning.About 27% of the people think a foreign language is a must in their daily life.

M:I can’t agree more.There are more and more people learning foreign languages.

W:That’s true.About 35% of the people are learning or willing to learn a foreign language.

M:As far as I’m concerned,many people,especially students,are forced to do so because of exams.

W:Yes.That accounts for about 21%.There are also about 15% of the people who take foreign languages to be useless and they take no interest in them at all.

8.What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A.The popularity of English.

B.The study pressure on students.

C.Attitudes towards learning foreign languages.


9.What percentage of students are forced to learn a foreign language?

A.About 21%. B.About 27%. C.About 35%.



W:We have got our own home.It must be wonderful to live by ourselves.

M:I have been looking forward to it since we got married.

W:Here I have a dressing table of my own.

M:Oh,the room is so small.I thought it would be a lot bigger.

W:So did I.After all,it’s a new one.It’s our own house.That’s what really matters.Is that right?Let’s put the chairs in front of the fireplace.

M:Um,but we should first consider where to put the bed.It is the biggest piece of furniture.

W:Well,let’s put it over there,and the chairs near the window.

M:All right.Then you can draw and I can read by the window.

10.What is the room like?

A.Big but old.

B.Big and new.

C.Small but new.


11.What will be arranged first?

A.The chairs.

B.The bed.

C.The dressing table.


12.Where will the chairs be put?

A.Close to the window.

B.In front of the fireplace.

C.Behind the dressing table.



W:Dad,where are we going?

M:First,we will go to the city centre and stop for something to drink.Then we will visit the University Museum.

W:Where are we going to have a drink?

M:There is a coffee shop round the corner.Can you see that big building at the end of the road?

W:Yeah.I can see it.

M:That is a bank.The coffee shop is opposite the bank.

W:Good.I will have hot chocolate.

M:Samantha,stop!Wait for the lights to turn green.When crossing the road you must always pay attention to what’s around you.

W:Sorry.How far is the museum?

M:Only three stops away.We can walk there.Here we are.You find us a table and I’ll get the drinks.

13.What is the relationship between the speakers?

A.Husband and wife.

B.Father and daughter.

C.Guide and tourist.


14.Where is the bank?

A.Next to the coffee shop.

B.Opposite the museum.

C.At the end of the road.


15.What advice does the man give to the woman?

A.Eating less chocolate.

B.Keeping the table clean.

C.Watching out for the traffic.


16.How will the speakers go to the museum?

A.By bus. B.On foot. C.By bike.



W:One day,Murphy went to a doctor to talk about his wife.He said to the doctor,“Doctor,I think my wife is deaf because she never hears me the first time and I always have to say things again and again.”“Well,” the doctor answered,“go home and stand about 15 feet from her and say something to her.If she doesn’t answer,move about 5 feet closer and say it again.Keep doing this so that we’ll get an idea about how serious her deafness is.”

Sure enough,Murphy went home and did exactly as the doctor told him.He stood about 15 feet from his wife in the kitchen as she was cutting some vegetables and said,“Betty,what’s for dinner?” He heard no answer.He moved about 5 feet closer and asked again.No answer.He moved 5 feet closer.Still no answer.He got fed up and moved right behind her,about an inch away,and asked again,“Betty,what’s for dinner?” Betty said,“That’s the fourth time you asked me.They are meatballs.”

17.Why did Murphy go to a doctor?

A.He thought his wife was deaf.

B.He wanted to get his hearing back.

C.He couldn’t make himself understood.


18.What did the doctor tell Murphy to do?

A.Stand about 15 metres from his wife.

B.Ask his wife some serious questions.

C.Talk to his wife at different distances.


19.What was his wife doing when Murphy got back home?

A.Watching TV.


C.Setting the table.


20.How many times did Murphy ask his wife the same question?

A.Twice. B.Three times. C.Four times.


第二部分 阅读(共两节,满分50分)




Sharon,Aged 22

The most important thing to keep in mind when going into high school is to be yourself.Besides,I don’t know what your middle school was like,but high school teachers will not care about things such as how much homework you already have in one night.It’s best to just learn to deal with things and manage your time wisely so you can achieve everything you need to.

Frank,Aged 21

I think almost every kid feels both nervous and excited before their first day.You will probably love it.I know I did.You should join some sports or activities that will make your high school experience more enjoyable.Good luck!

Eddie,Aged 20

When I started high school I was really nervous too,especially since I had been homeschooled all through middle school and didn’t really know anyone.I suppose the best advice would be to just relax.The first couple of days can be a little bit hard,but things will become easier before you know it.

David,Aged 19

I’m not going to lie.The first day is kind of frightening.But you’ll get used to it.Don’t be afraid of anyone;upperclassmen will pick on you more if you let them know you’re afraid.Just take it easy.Making some friends and staying with them will greatly help you get used to high school quickly.After the first week it’s really not bad at all.Don’t worry.


21.What can we infer from Sharon about high school?


A.Teachers are quite strict.

B.Students often stay up at night.

C.Teachers provide little care for students.

D.Students should make good use of their time.


解析细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句“It’s best to just learn to deal with things and manage your time wisely so you can achieve everything you need to.”可知,Sharon认为在高中阶段最好是学会处理事情和学会合理地管理时间,这样才能完成你需要做的一切事情。故选D项。

22.How did Eddie feel on his first day of high school?

A.Excited. B.Bored.

C.Worried. D.Relaxed.


解析细节理解题。根据第三段中的“When I started high school I was really nervous too”可知,Eddie在高中开学的第一天是很紧张不安的。故选C项。

23.Who mentions the importance of friends?

A.Frank. B.David.

C.Sharon. D.Eddie.


解析细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“Making some friends and staying with them will greatly help you get used to high school quickly.”可知,David认为交一些朋友,和他们在一起,会极大地帮助你快速适应高中。故选B项。



Saturday March 28,2020

Dear Dad and Mom,

The time has come—I’m graduating,and I thank you both for all your help during these 15 years.I still remember when you used to say,“You can be whatever you want.” I’m so glad you are my parents,especially when I hear kids say they don’t get on well with theirs.I’m glad that you support me when I decide to do anything.You always try to help,and that’s important to me.

Dad,I remember when you first took me fishing.I loved going even though I never caught anything.I also remember when you would get angry with me.I realise you were only trying to show me the right way.When I cried,you would always be there to try to cheer me up.That’s what I call a good,loving,caring dad.Sometimes you and Mom don’t agree with me,but you are there on my side in anything that I do,and that’s why I love you both so much.

Mom,I enjoy going out with you and having our happy time every Friday night,and I hope that never changes.I love telling you everything and the best part about you is that you listen.I’m glad we do a lot together.You love to have fun,and Dad does,too.You always give me your opinion and I listen.Thank you for bringing me up.

There may be many frustrations and setbacks on the road to the future,but the thought of your support and help fills my heart with strength.Dear Mom and Dad,I love you and I love our family.I hope and believe that we will be happy all the time.

Love always,



24.Alison writes the letter to show    to her parents. 

A.wishes B.support

C.help D.thanks


解析细节理解题。根据第一段中“…I’m graduating,and I thank you both for all your help during these 15 years.”可知答案。

25.In Alison’s opinion,other kids of her age may    their parents. 

A.have problems with

B.get on well with

C.like to talk to

D.like to listen to


解析推理判断题。根据第一段中“…when I hear kids say they don’t get on well with theirs.”可推断,其他同龄孩子可能与他们的父母关系不是很好。

26.Father might get angry with her when Alison    

A.didn’t accept him

B.didn’t do things in the right way

C.didn’t catch any fish

D.didn’t agree with her parents


解析细节理解题。根据第二段第三、四句“I also remember when you would get angry…trying to show me the right way.”可知答案。

27.What makes Alison and her mother become good friends?

A.Cheering up each other.

B.Listening to each other and having fun together.

C.Encouraging each other.

D.Going out together.





Where in the classroom do you prefer to sit,and why? Scientists have discovered that seating preference not only shows students’ personalities,but has a great influence on their school performance.Generally speaking,students show different attitudes depending on where they sit.Based on the research,scientists have developed a funnel-like(像漏斗的) model of “learning zones(区域)” to see the relationship between seating and active learning.


In this model,the mouth of the funnel(A) is the best position for learning.Students in this front area prove to be the most active learners.They show a greater desire(渴求) for learning,which leads them to focus(集中注意力) better and take a more active part than the rest of the class.Those in the neck of the funnel(B) don’t pay the same close attention,but they ask a lot of questions,partly because of the added confidence they feel from being in a safe zone,with others around them.Less desirable is the area “outside the funnel(C,D),” which refers to the side and the back rows,where students take a less active part in classroom activities and find it hard to focus their attention,falling asleep at times.

Studies about learning zones suggest that a change in traditional seating plans can benefit students.In fact,a growing number of teachers have begun less traditional seating plans,such as “U-Type”.There are no side and back areas,so teachers can expect their students to take part in activities more actively and increase student-teacher interaction(互动).

2020届人教版初三上同步练习《实际问题与一元二次方程》 (无答案)

2020届人教版初三上同步练习《实际问题与一元二次方程》 (无答案),初三数学同步练习,人教版,实际问题与一元二次方程,莲山课件.


28.According to scientists,students’ learning is greatly influenced by    

A.the number of students

B.the time of class

C.seating positions

D.the size of the classroom


解析细节理解题。根据第一段第二句和第一段最后一句中“…see the relationship between seating and active learning”可知,科学家发现学生的在校表现受到座位的影响。

29.It turns out that the students sitting in Area B    

A.sometimes fall asleep

B.feel safe and confident

C.seldom ask their teachers questions

D.try to avoid looking directly at the teacher


解析细节理解题。根据第二段第四句中的“Those in the neck of the funnel(B)…the added confidence they feel from being in a safe zone”可知,坐在B区域的学生被其他学生环绕,因此觉得既安全又自信。

30.Which area is most proper for learning?

A.Area A. B.Area B.

C.Area C. D.Area D.


解析细节理解题。根据第二段首句中的“…the mouth of the funnel(A) is the best position for learning”可知,A区域是最适合学习的位置。

31.What does the underlined word “benefit” in the last paragraph mean?

A.Cause trouble for. B.Take control of.

C.Give a warning to. D.Do good to.


解析词义猜测题。根据最后一段最后一句中的“…so teachers can expect their students to take part in activities more actively and increase student-teacher interaction”可知,改变传统的座位安排会使学生受益。



What are American high schools like?Well,I’m happy to tell you what I know.

When I started school here,it had already been a week since the school opened.At this school,freshmen usually go on a trip for about three days at the beginning of school.Unfortunately I missed that wonderful trip,which would have been the best time to get to know my classmates.I was really sad.I wished I’d known about it earlier.

Despite the disappointment,however,I gradually adapted to my new life and school.There is a space in the basement of the teaching building where students chat and meet each other.As we do not always have the same classrooms and classmates,the school wants us to get to know each other there.Students usually come to school early,sit in that space and have fun.Around the space,there are many lockers for students to leave their books in,so that students do not have to carry a heavy schoolbag everywhere.

It really surprises me that we have almost no textbooks.We only have textbooks for World History and Algebra 2 and they are big and heavy,like bricks.For other classes,we only need binders (活页夹) with paper in them.Without textbooks,students learn things freely and actively.For example,my humanities teacher just teaches us what is in her mind at the time.We never know what we will learn.

Another difference between American schools and Chinese schools is that American schools care about students’ morality (道德) more than their academic studies.For example,if you do not finish your homework,you will just be asked to do it later,but if you cheat or lie,you will get a warning or even be kicked out.

I think that most students here are good at schoolwork as well,but compared to Chinese students,they can make learning a more joyful experience.I think we should take the good points from our two different kinds of education to perfect our approach to studying.

【语篇解读】本文是一篇说明文。文章讲述了美国中学的情况, 并提及了美国学校和中国学校的不同之处。

32.What made the writer sad at the beginning?

A.Being late for school.

B.Not knowing anyone.

C.Being looked down upon.

D.Missing the chance of the trip.


解析细节理解题。根据第二段中的“Unfortunately I missed that wonderful trip…know my classmates.”可知,错过了那次旅行意味着错失了认识同学的最好时机,所以作者感到伤心,D项符合题意。

33.Students go to the basement of the teaching building to    

A.have a free talk B.attend class

C.meet teachers D.share a classroom


解析推理判断题。根据第三段中的“There is a space in the basement of the teaching building where students chat and meet each other…Students usually come to school early,sit in that space and have fun.”可知,学生们到教学楼的地下室是为了聊天交友。故选A项。

34.How did the writer feel when he began his lessons?

A.Happy. B.Surprised.

C.Unsatisfied. D.Lonely.


解析细节理解题。根据第四段中的“It really surprises me that we have almost no textbooks.”可知,上课几乎不用教科书,这让作者有点惊讶。故选B项。

35.What might stop a student’s schooling in American schools?

A.Not studying hard.


C.Not finishing homework.

D.Failing in the exam.


解析细节理解题。根据第五段中的“but if you cheat or lie,you will get a warning or even be kicked out”可知,如果你作弊或说谎,你会得到警告甚至被学校开除。故选B项。



How to Handle Being the New Kid at School

Being the new kid at school can be a terrible experience!It might seem like everybody else knows exactly how to act.But remember you aren’t alone.Actually,everybody is nervous on their first day and you can fit right in with the help of the following tips.

Plan ahead the night before.36  Lay out your first day outfit (全套服装),pack a lunch,and make sure you have all your school supplies ready to go.Planning ahead can help you get a good night’s sleep and feel less nervous about your first day. 

37  Make sure your clothes are cleaned and pressed and that you’ve showered,and brushed your teeth.If you’re hoping to attract friends with similar interests,try wearing a shirt with your favourite show,musician,or sports team on it.38  

Do your best to stay calm and positive.It’s normal to feel nervous or anxious when you’re the new kid at school.If you feel nervous,start by taking some deep breaths.39  You can listen to music that makes you feel calm or happy.Try imagining a good first day in your mind instead of keeping thinking about things that could go wrong. 

40  Don’t come in on the first day with your head hanging down,your shoulders lowered,and your eyes on the floor.Walk with your head held up,your back straight,and a bright expression on your face.Make eye contact with other people,and smile if they look at you or speak to you. 


A.Use your body language to show confidence.

B.Introduce yourself to your teachers and classmates.

C.Choose clothes that make you feel great.

D.This can be an easy way to start a talk and break the ice a little.

E.You should keep talking and let people know that you are friendly.

F.Remember that everyone is the new kid at some point and that it’s not a big deal.

G.You’ll feel less worried if everything is ready before you wake up for your first day.



36.G 上文“Plan ahead the night before.”说前一天晚上提前做准备,该空承接上文,G选项“如果你在开学的第一天醒来之前做好一切准备,你会减少焦虑”切题,故选G项。

37.C 下文“Make sure your clothes are cleaned and pressed and that you’ve showered,and brushed your teeth.”说明了选择什么样的衣服,该空引出下文,C选项“选择让你感觉良好的衣服”切题,故选C项。

38.D 上文“If you’re hoping to attract friends with similar interests,try wearing a shirt with your favourite show,musician,or sports team on it.”讲了如何吸引有相同兴趣的朋友,该空承接上文,D选项“这是一种开始一段谈话和打破沉默的简单的方法”切题,故选D项。

39.F 上文“If you feel nervous,start by taking some deep breaths.”和下文“ You can listen to music that makes you feel calm or happy.”都讲了缓解紧张的方法,该空承上启下,F选项“记得每个人在某个时刻都是一个新生,没什么大不了”切题,故选F项。

40.A 下文“Don’t come in on the first day with your head hanging down…if they look at you or speak to you.”主要讲了使用身体语言,A选项“使用你的身体语言表现你的自信”切题,故选A项。

第三部分 语言运用(共两节,满分30分)



I woke up by my dog barking in the early morning.I went outside to find a koala (考拉) at the yard gate wanting to enter.It was the first time that I had 41  a koala in my neighbourhood.What a welcome 42 

I was wondering why he was here,as koalas 43  came down from the trees and didn’t like walking,either.44 ,there was no eucalyptus (桉树) around.Was he hungry or lost?Or maybe the bushfire across Kangaroo Island 45  him here? 

He just sat there,apparently 46 ,and sort of looked at me with a look,like helping me out of my suffering.At a(n) 47  look,I discovered a long cut at his back with bloods,48  of attacks or cuts of something sharp in some other way. 

I rushed into my room and came out with some iodophor (碘伏药水).It was not a 49  problems as I was a nurse.This poor soul seemed to quite 50  my kindness when I 51  the cut with the liquid.It 52  me that he came to seek my 53 

After the treatment,I watched the koala finally 54  in the wild,hoping he was able to 55  the hard time and live his life as he should. 


41.A.caught B.encountered

C.searched D.missed


解析根据下文的“a koala in my neighboyrhood”可知,此处指“遇到”考拉。句意:这是我第一次在家附近碰到考拉。catch“抓住”;encounter“遇到”;search“寻找,搜索”;miss“错过,思念”。故选B项。

42.A.chance B.relief

C.surprise D.message


解析根据下文的“I was wondering why he was here”可知,在家附近遇到考拉是令人“惊讶的”chance“机会”;relief“安慰,缓解”;surprise“惊讶”;message“消息”。故选C项。

43.A.frequently B.slightly

C.mostly D.rarely


解析根据下文的“didn’t like walking,either”可知,考拉“很少”从树上下来。句意:我想知道他为什么会在这里,因为考拉很少从树上下来,也不喜欢走路。frequently“频繁地”;slightly“轻微地”;mostly“主要地”;rarely“很少,难得”。故选D项。

44.A.Once more B.Ever since

C.Just then D.Then again


解析根据下文的“there was no eucalyptus (桉树) around”可知,此处指很少见到考拉的另一个理由,所以与上文联系,这里应该是“其次,还有”once more“再一次”;ever since“从那时到现在”;just then“就在那时”;then again“其次,还有”。故选D项。

45.A.sought B.drove

C.followed D.cast


解析根据上文的“the bushfire across Kangaroo Island”可知,此处指大火把它“逼到”了这里。seek“追求”;drive“逼迫,驾驶”;follow“跟随”;cast“投”。故选B项。

46.A.in pain B.in order

C.in comfort D.in disappointment


解析句意:他只是坐在那里看着我,显然很痛苦,好像在让我帮助他摆脱痛苦。in pain“痛苦”;in order“整齐”;in comfort“舒适地”;in disappointment“失望地”。故选A项。

47.A.quick B.close

C.eager D.anxious


解析根据下文的“I discovered a long cut at his back with bloods”可知,此处指“靠近”看考拉。这里的意思是:仔细一看,我发现他的背部有一道长长的伤口,有血迹,有攻击的迹象,或是其他锋利的东西割伤的痕迹。quick“迅速的”;close“靠近的,紧密的”;eager“渴望的”;anxious“焦虑的”。故选B项。

48.A.features B.symbols

C.signs D.series


解析根据下文的“attacks or cuts of something sharp in some other way”可知,此处指有受伤的“迹象”feature“特征”;symbol“象征,符号”;sign“迹象”;series“系列”。故选C项。

49.A.crucial B.small

C.distinct D.tricky



50.A.ignore B.answer

C.understand D.expect


解析根据下文的“my kindness”和“After the treatment”可知,考拉“理解”作者的好意。句意:当我用药水治疗伤口时,这个可怜的家伙似乎完全理解我的好意。ignore“忽视”;answer“回答”;understand“明白,理解”;expect“预料”。故选C项。

51.A.touched B.felt

C.patted D.treated


解析根据下文的“the cut with the liquid”可知,此处指作者为考拉“治疗”touch“触摸,感动”;feel“感觉”;pat“拍打”;treat“对待,治疗”。故选D项。

52.A.appealed to B.referred to

C.occurred to D.addressed to


解析句意:我突然想起他是来寻求我的帮助的!It occurred to sb that…是固定句式,意为“某人突然想起……”appeal to“呼吁,吸引”;refer to“提到,涉及”;occur to“发生,想起”;address to“收信姓名和地址”。故选C项。

53.A.help B.advice

C.approval D.fortune



54.A.exploring B.rushing

C.jogging D.disappearing


解析根据句中的“After the treatment”和“in the wild”可知,考拉“消失”在野外。句意:治疗结束后,我看着这只考拉终于消失在野外,希望它能挺过这段艰难的日子,过自己应该过的生活。explore“探索”;rush“猛冲”;jog“慢跑”;disappear“消失”。故选D项。

55.A.experience B.survive

C.escape D.have


解析根据下文的“the hard time and live his life as he should”可知,作者希望考拉“幸存”于这段艰难的日子。experience“体验”;survive“幸存”;escape“逃脱”;have“有”。故选B项。


阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。

Keeping a diary in English is one of the 56.(use) ways to improve our English writing ability.57.(compare) with other forms of writing,it is shorter and takes less time.It can help us to develop the habit of thinking in English.58. we keep trying this practice,gradually we’ll learn how to express 59.(us) in English.In keeping a diary in English,we certainly run up against many difficulties.In 60.      first place,it often happens that we have trouble 61.(find) appropriate words and phrases to give expression to our mind.Secondly,there are many idiomatic ways of saying things in Chinese.And it is extremely hard for us to put them into English 62.(proper). 

As far as I know,my 63.     (suggest) is that we should always have a notebook and a Chinese-English dictionary within easy reach.Whenever something 64.(trouble) us,we can first put it down in our notebook and then refer to our dictionary.We can also turn to our English teacher for help,if necessary.In short,I believe that it is 65. great use to keep a diary in English for the development of our writing skills. 



56.useful 考查形容词。修饰名词ways用形容词。useful ways “有用的方法”。

57.Compared 考查固定短语。compared with“……相比”,是固定用法,常在句子中作状语。

58.If 考查连词。根据语境并分析句子结构可知,此处应用if引导条件状语从句。

59.ourselves 考查反身代词。express oneself“表达自己”,是固定短语,所以填反身代词ourselves。

60.the 考查冠词。first前用定冠词the。in the first place是固定短语,意为“首先”。

61.finding 考查固定句式。have trouble(in) doing sth“做某事有麻烦/困难”,是固定句式。

62.properly 考查副词。修饰动词短语put them into English应用副词。

63.suggestion 考查名词。空前有形容词性物主代词,所以要填名词suggestion;再由is可知要用单数形式。

64.troubles 考查时态和主谓一致。结合全文的基本时态可知,此处应用一般现在时;又因空处主语为不定代词something,故填troubles。

65.of 考查介词。“be of+名词”是固定用法,其意义相当于该名词的同根形容词;be of great use=be greatly/very useful。

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分40分)


假如你是李华,你刚收到了你的朋友王梅的电子邮件,她在邮件里向你询问在高中如何学好英语。 请你根据下列内容给她写封回信。







Dear Wang Mei,

I’m very glad to have received your e-mail.








Best wishes!


Li Hua


Dear Wang Mei, 

I’m very glad to have received your e-mail.Now I’m writing to give you some advice on how to learn English well in high school. 

First of all,you should listen to the teacher carefully and take notes in class so that you can go over your lessons regularly after class.As we all know,vocabulary is of great importance.You should spend half an hour in the morning reciting words and reading texts aloud.What’s more,try to communicate with your classmates in English out of class.Last but not least,you should develop the habit of keeping a diary,which helps improve your written English and helps you review the words and expressions that you have learnt.

I hope you will find these suggestions useful.

Best wishes! 


Li Hua 



The end of my sophomore year was approaching.Mom called me at the dorm one evening during the last week of May.My summer break would be spent with Grandma and Grandpa on their farm.I wasn’t quite satisfied with the arrangement but guessed it was just one summer.Next year would be my little brother’s turn.

I arrived late that afternoon.Grandma had prepared more food than the three of us could possibly eat.However,the next morning,Grandpa prepared breakfast for the two of us.He told me Grandma tired herself out yesterday and was going to rest in bed.I made up my mind to be of some help,not be a burden.

Weeks passed.I gradually get accustomed to the life there.In the evenings I usually read or talked with Grandma.She never grew tired of hearing about college or anything I was involved in.She told me stories about her childhood,family and the early years after she and Grandpa had married.

The last Saturday in June,Grandpa suggested going fishing.We hadn’t expected what we saw when we got to the pond that morning: One of the swans was dead.Grandpa had given the pair of swans to Grandma on their 50th anniversary.“We can think of buying another one,” I suggested.Grandpa thought for a few moments before answering.

He finally said,“No,it’s not that easy.You see,swans mate for life.There’s nothing we can do for the one that’s left.He has to work it out for himself.”

A few days later,we found the other swan lying near the same spot where we had found the first one.It,too,was dead.


On July 12,Grandma passed away,who had died suddenly that morning of a stroke. 






Life at college was busy but the days spent with Grandma and Grandpa often appeared in my mind.







On July 12,Grandma passed away,who had died suddenly that morning of a stroke.“Perhaps she had tired herself out and needed a permanent sleep,” Grandpa said.After her funeral,Grandpa said that he had made up his mind to live there himself and that we should get back to our own lives.Grandpa was not a man who could outwardly express his grief around others,and we all worried about him.When we said goodbye,I found there was something different about Grandpa but couldn’t quite make it out.

Life at college was busy but the days spent with Grandma and Grandpa often appeared in my mind.How I wish to go fishing again with Grandpa!But Mom called me on a stormy October day to tell me Grandpa had died,which made me in deep sorrow.Grandpa also died of a stroke,the same as Grandma.At that moment,I understood what he’d clumsily tried to explain to me about the swans on that morning we fished together by the pond.




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