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Unit 2Let’s talk teens

Section A Welcome to the unit & Reading




1.I can’t describe my      (angry) in words. 


2.Take the medicine      (regular) three times a day. 


3.The children had an      (argue) about what game to play. 


4.What is the key to      (solve) the problem? 


5.We want someone who can solve the computer problem      his own. 


6.He was friendly but      (guard),especially toward Arthur. 


7.Work out what situations or people make you feel      (stress) and avoid them. 


8.I was      (anxiety) about the children when they didn’t come back home from school. 


9.They were struggling      (get) out of the broken car. 

答案to get

10.He is a lovely boy,very gentle and      (care). 




Sometimes argument between the wife and husband will                     

答案turn into a battle


I don’t                                  on this matter. 

答案see eye to eye with her


                             is likely to remain. 

答案The tension between the two countries


You may save yourself                and a lot of money,too. 

答案a big headache


Between criticism and praise is a          

答案middle ground


He has                     wealth. 

答案a strong desire for


What led to                          

答案the breakdown of their marriage


                        ,you should           and think it over. 

答案From my point of view;calm down




This is my son Matthew’s last night at home before college.I know that this is good news.I feel proud that Matthew will go to a great school.I know that this is his finest hour.But looking at the suitcases on his bed sends me out of the room to a hidden corner where I can’t stop crying.

Through the sorrow,I feel a rising embarrassment.“Pull yourself together!” I tell myself.There are parents sending their kids off to battle zones.How dare I feel so shocked and upset? 

One of the great gifts of my life has been having my boys,Matthew and Johnowen.Through them,I have explored the mysterious,complicated bond between fathers and sons.As my wife and I raised them,I have discovered the love and loss between my father and me.After my parents’ divorce,I spent weekends with my dad in Ohio.By the time Sunday came around,I was unable to enjoy the day’s activities because I was already afraid of the goodbye of the evening.

Now,standing among Matthew’s accumulation of possessions,I realise it’s me who has become a boy again.All my sadness and longing to hold on to things are back,sweeping over me as they did when I was a child.

His bed is tidy and spare.It already has the feel of a guest bed.In my mind I replay wrapping him in his favourite blanket.That was our nightly routine until one evening he said,“Daddy,I don’t think I need a blanket tonight.” I think of all the times we lay among the covers reading.I look at the bed and think of all the recent times I was annoyed at how late he was sleeping.I’ll never have to worry about that again,I realise.

For his part,Matthew has been a rock.He is treating his leaving as just another day at the office.And I’m glad.After all,someone’s got to be strong.I’m proud that he is charging into the first chapter of his adult life with such confidence.

【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。文章讲述了作者对即将上大学的儿子的依恋和不舍。回忆和儿子相处的快乐时光,作者在感伤的同时,也明白这是儿子成长的必然过程。

1.What does the writer mean by “Pull yourself together!”?

A.Get up. B.Cheer up.

C.Pull up. D.Wake up.


解析句意理解题。根据“Pull yourself together!”之后的句子“There are parents sending their kids off to battle zones.How dare I feel so shocked and upset?”可推断出,作者是在安慰自己,要振作起来,故选B项。

2.We can infer from the passage that    

A.the writer is accustomed to sleeping early

B.Matthew doesn’t get on well with his father

C.Matthew is ready for his new life

D.the writer wasn’t brave enough to face his parents’ divorce


解析推理判断题。根据最后一段第二句“He is treating his leaving as just another day at the office.”和最后一句“I’m proud that he is charging into the first chapter of his adult life with such confidence.”可推断出,Matthew对他的新生活已经做好了准备,故选C项。

3.How does the writer feel about his son’s leaving for college?

A.Worried. B.Grateful.

C.Relieved. D.Bittersweet.


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4.Which of the following could be the best title of the text?

A.Unavoidable Goodbye B.Sweet Memories

C.Glorious Moment D.Unconditional Love





These devices were among the thousands featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show,a conference that brings industry experts together to share the latest and greatest in tech.


A food baby-friendly belt

College students are familiar with “food babies”,big stomachs caused by eating a little—okay,a lot—too much.This smart belt automatically adjusts to your stomach size.That’s right.When you overeat,Belty expands with your stomach.

“You’ll definitely know how many months into the pregnancy you are,” jokes Steve Greenberg,author of Gadget Nation,who just got back from CES.

If you don’t want to use Belty while pigging out,you can take advantage of its health-related features instead.Along with shifting size,Belty tracks food intake and exercise.It even vibrates(振动) if you’ve been inactive too long.


The Rocket Power characters’ dream product

Most students walk,bike or skate across campus.But with Rocketskates,which are electronic,motorized skates tied to your regular shoes,you can move very quickly.

The skate’s wheels,which are run by a microprocessor,get going when you lean forward and stop when you lean back.Top speed is 12 miles per hour,meaning you could leave your dorm at 7:56 and be on time for your 8:00 class.And you can carry them afterwards,since they’re lightweight.


A magical microwave

Most 3D printers turn plastic into 3D objects.But XYZprinting’s version turns flour and chocolate into cookies,cake and candy.

The printer,which is about the same size as a traditional all-in-one version,is simple to use.You select a 3D food item from the company’s database of “recipes”,all of which have been approved by a food specialist.Within minutes,your food is ready.

The “why hasn’t someone invented this sooner” phone charger

Everyone knows college students are busy—mostly because we take every available opportunity to say so.

The Store Dot Flash Battery can’t solve scheduling issues for smart phones,but it does make life easier by completely charging them in one minute.

Doron Myersdorf,Store Dot CEO,calls the battery’s quick-charging time “ideal” for college students.He even visualizes free Store Dot stations on campus that would make carrying a charger unnecessary.


5.Which of the following is true?

A.The author believes college students are very busy.

B.Free Store Dot stations are available on campus now.

C.The Flash Battery charges a phone unbelievably quickly.

D.Doron Myersdorf is not satisfied with the Flash Battery.


解析细节理解题。根据The “why hasn’t someone invented this sooner” phone charger部分中的第二段中的“…but it does make life easier by completely charging them in one minute.”可知,这种电池能在一分钟内给手机充满电,使生活更便利。

6.How does the new 3D printer differ from traditional versions?

A.It is much smaller in size.

B.It turns flour and chocolate into 3D food.

C.It turns plastic into 3D objects.

D.It is operated by a food specialist.


解析细节理解题。根据A magical microwave部分中的“Most 3D printers turn plastic into 3D objects.But XYZprinting’s version turns flour and chocolate into cookies,cake and candy.”可知,大多数3D打印机将塑料转换成3D对象。但是XYZ打印机能把面粉和巧克力变成饼干、蛋糕和糖果。

7.Which of the following is true about Rocketskates?

A.It is powered by your feet.

B.It can run as fast as a car.

C.You may start it by leaning forward.

D.It is too heavy to carry by hand.


解析细节理解题。由The Rocket Power characters’ dream product部分中的第二段内容可知,它由微处理器运行的;朝前倾可动,后倾可停止;最高时速12英里,比不上汽车,但比较易于携带。由此可知A、B、D三项都是错误的。

8.What’s the main function of Belty?

A.To track food intake and exercise.

B.To warn you it’s time to get up and exercise.

C.To predict how long a person has been pregnant.

D.To make your stomach comfortable by shifting size.


解析细节理解题。根据A food baby-friendly belt部分中的第一段中的“This smart belt automatically adjusts to your stomach size.That’s right.When you overeat,Belty expands with your stomach.”可知,这个智能腰带能根据肚子的变化而调整,当你吃得过多时,腰带会随着肚子而变大。由此可知,这种腰带会随着你的肚子的大小而改变尺寸,从而让你的肚子更加舒服。


You’ve decided your child is spoiled,and you want to do something about it.Is it too late?Not necessarily.Here are four tips from an expert for getting your child to behave well.

1  You’ve spoiled your child by giving him or her too much for too little.You can correct this by helping your child to learn to work harder for rewards and to understand that not all good behaviour is rewarded.2  For example,at first,insist that your daughter put a few toys away before she gets a snack,and gradually increase the amount of work required for each reward. 

Don’t overreact (反应过度) to crying.When children don’t get what they want,their natural behaviour is to cry.If you react every time your child cries,you may be denying(拒绝给予) him or her an important chance to learn something.3  

Prepare for a fight.At the beginning,children’s demands will increase when they find out parents are not going to give them the new toys they want.When it happens,be careful not to give in just because the child shouts.4  

Stick with the program.Your child will probably be upset when you begin making changes.5  It means the requirements are getting stricter and that your child is adjusting (适应).Remember: give it time,and don’t give up. 


A.Cut down on rewards.

B.That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

C.Start out making changes slowly.

D.Rather,wait until the child calms down.

E.Don’t try to reason with him or her about the situation.

F.There is little doubt that things will get worse before they get better.

G.As a parent,you need to know when to comfort a child and when to simply walk away.



1.A 下文中的“by giving him or her too much”呼应A项中的Cut down,且下文中的“helping your child to learn…good behaviour is rewarded”A项意思相符。 故选A项。

2.C 下文中的“gradually increase”呼应C项中的“making changes slowly”。

3.G 此处是对上文不过度回应孩子哭闹之后的正确做法的阐述,G项承接上文。

4.D 由本段小标题“Prepare for a fight”和“… not to give in just because the child shouts”可知,此处介绍正确做法,D项“等待孩子平静下来”符合语境。

5.B 上文中提到的“Your child will probably be upset”的状况也未必就是坏事,因为“It means…is adjusting (适应)”,B项符合语境。




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