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Unit 3

Section C Extended reading,Project,Assessment & Further study




1.After long      (reflect) we decided to buy that house. 


2.A stay in the country will be      (benefit) to his health. 


3.Do not rush—go at your own      (comfort) speed. 


4.Let’s sing some songs to celebrate this      (joy) occasion. 


5.However,no matter what I do,my efforts to lose weight always end in      (fail). 


6.Being recognized in public has brought her much trouble,so she is always wearing dark glasses to avoid      (recognize). 

答案recognition/being recoginized

7.Outdoor air pollution leads to more than 3 million premature      (die) each year. 


8.I shall be pleased to go,if you will      (accompany)me. 


9.Perhaps he repeated these      (admire)letters to various friends. 


10.They are a very      (respect) family. 



1.他不可能见过我, 因为我不在那里。

He could not have seen me,                          

答案for I was not there


I found                          the problem.I can do it by myself. 

答案it easy to work out


Ask her questions,                                         

答案even if you might not like the answers


I have           it. 

答案trouble understanding


Don’t leave her           in the rain. 

答案waiting outside



We have the most friends at the age of 26 after having spent the first quarter of our lives building up our friendship circle,new research has claimed.

The research into friendship shows that our social circle peaks at 26 years and 7 months,at which we typically have five close friends.Women are most popular at 25 years and 10 months,with men hitting the highest friendship point a little later at 27 years and 3 months.

The research,by Forever Friends,shows that about a third of adults meet their closest friends while at school,with about a fifth saying they meet them at work.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter now also play a major role in building new friendship.The research points out that 25-to-34-year-olds make 22 friends via Facebook,compared to 18-to-24-year-olds who make 12,and 35-to-44-year-olds who make just four.

Forever Friends’ relationship coach Sam Owen says,“It is no coincidence that over a third of us meet our best friends at school.It is a key time in our lives when friendship is growing through sharing notes,giving gifts,seeing each other regularly and laughing a lot.As adults we can often forget how powerful these small things are and how the little things can make a difference.”

Later in life we find ourselves losing friends.Over half of us lose friendship through moving,while 36% say that over time they grow apart from close pals.Having children also causes 19% to drift away from childhood friends. 

With growing pressure being put on friendship these days,it’s important to make time for our friendship.


1.How many friends can a 20-year-old college student make via Facebook?

A.4. B.12.

C.18. D.22.



2.In Paragraph 5,the author is trying to tell the readers    

A.how important making friends is

B.that friendship is not easy to keep

C.how much has been done to keep friendship

D.that friendship at school is important


解析推理判断题。根据第五段Sam Owen所讲的话可知,学生时代是人生中建立友谊的重要阶段,这时的友谊成长于分享笔记、赠送礼物、互相探望、一起欢笑中,故D项正确。



3.The underlined phrase “drift away from” in Paragraph 6 means “   ”. 

A.make sense of

B.lose track of

C.feel sorry for

D.make up with


解析词义猜测题。根据倒数第二段的第二句中“Over half of us lose friendship…”以及划线短语所在句意可以判断,该短语大意为“失去联系”,故选B项。

4.This passage is most probably taken from    

A.Facebook or Twitter

B.an advertisement

C.a textbook

D.a newspaper


解析推理判断题。根据第一段中的“… new research has claimed”以及最后一段中的时间状语these days,再结合选项可以判断,本文最可能摘选自报纸,故选D项。











Dear Chris,









Li Hua


Dear Chris, 

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty adapting to the new school.Such problems are quite normal.Maybe the following suggestions will be helpful.

First,you need to get along well with your classmates and make friends with them.In this way,you will get to know each other better.Second,try to take part in as many school activities as possible,which are good for developing friendship with other students.Last but not least,you should consider turning to your teachers,who can usually give you some valuable suggestions.

I sincerely hope my advice will be of some help to you.


Li Hua 



Steve was the most amazing person in all of Minneapolis,and he was my cousin.By the age of 19,Steve was a star baseball player at the University of Minnesota.I wanted to be exactly like him.So when Steve asked me to go with him on a spring fishing trip in northern Minnesota,I was excited!

After planning the trip,we gathered clothes and supplies and began our great adventure.We reached the Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota by early evening.On our way to the campsite,Steve pointed to a small house faraway in one of the mountains,saying that it was the ranger station (护林站) where the forester worked.

Finally,after a long walk,we reached the campsite and set up the camp as the sun was setting.Steve knew all the tricks of an experienced wilderness camper.After we gathered enough wood from the forest,he started the campfire using only stone and steel — no matches.For supper we feasted on freeze-dried beef,wild rice and pea soup.I ate greedily after all that work.

Tired enough,we climbed into our sleeping bags early and talked about our plans for fishing the next day.We were still talking quietly when a sudden north wind picked up; the temperature dropped and it began to snow.Steve found a way to increase the temperature inside the tent.He dragged a log (原木) from the forest to the opposite side of the campfire.Then he wrapped aluminum foil (铝箔) around the log.The heat from the fire reflected off the foil and into the tent.Soon images of lake fish were filling my dreams.

The snow had stopped,but sometime later a powerful wind must have kicked up the flames of our dying fire.I was abruptly awakened by Steve.Our tent was on fire.Frightened,I ran out of the tent immediately.The tent collapsed (倒塌) with Steve inside.Without any thought of endangering myself,I reached into the burning tent and pulled him to the icy lake.Fortunately,we were not seriously hurt.


Later,as we stood by the burning tent to keep warm,we considered our difficult situation. 





Suddenly,we heard a noise in the forest. 






Later,as we stood by the burning tent to keep warm,we considered our difficult situation.Our campsite was in the deep of the forest really far away from the highway.We were in the middle of nowhere,wearing only underwear,with our supplies burnt into ashes,including our cellphones.Even Steve was unsure what to do next.The only thing we could do was just sitting in the cold air and wondering how to get out of the forest.

Suddenly,we heard a noise in the forest.Anxiously we listened and stared into the darkness.A jeep appeared.A forester had spotted the light from the fire and had come to have a check.We jumped into the warm vehicle and the forester drove us to the ranger station,where we were given clothes and were able to call our parents.Steve and I had many more camping adventures from then on,but it was on this trip that Steve began to treat me more like a friend and equal,rather than a younger cousin.Our friendship continues to this day.





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