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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)



W:Are you still going to have pizza together tonight?

M:I’m not so sure anymore.My stomach hasn’t been feeling so well since yesterday.Maybe tomorrow?

W:No.I’ve got plans for Sunday.How about next Monday?

M:Sure.My stomach should be fine by then.

1.When will the speakers meet?



B.On Sunday.

C.Next Monday.


W:Do you still play the guitar sometimes these days?

M:Yeah.But not as often as I used to.

W:Why?Don’t you enjoy it as much as you did before?

M:No,it’s still one of my favorite hobbies.I’m just busy with my studies these days.

2.Why does the man spend less time playing the guitar these days?

A.He doesn’t like it anymore.

B.He’s busy with his studies.

C.He has a new hobby.


M:I can come to your house and pick you up in half an hour.Is that all right?

W:Sure.That means you will be here at 8:30.

3.What time is it now?





M:Where should we take the kids on vacation this year?They’ve been begging to go to Disney World,but I just don’t think we can afford it.

W:I know.Why don’t we find a cheap hotel on the beach?We always have a great time there.

4.What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A.How to find a cheap hotel.

B.Where to spend their vacation.

C.When to go to Disney World.


M:I’ve finally finished my paper.Can you help me check it before I hand it in?

W:Sure.Let’s take a look,sweetie.Oh,it’s excellent!I can tell you worked hard on it.

M:Thanks.I really did.I just hope my teacher agrees.

5.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

A.Mother and son.

B.Boss and employee.

C.Teacher and student.





M:Hey,Susie.What are you doing?

W:Hi,Tommy.I’m making a list for our club.We are raising money for the Children’s Home.They need a new kitchen.

M:You’ll need a lot of money for that!How are you raising money?

W:Last month,we sold homemade cookies.We had a yard sale last week as well.We’ve gotten some donations,too,but we need more.Any good ideas?

M:I think you should have a car wash.I’m sure you’ll raise a lot of money.

W:That’s a good idea.We can have it in the parking lot of the community center.

6.Why is Susie raising money?

A.To fix a parking lot.

B.To help the Children’s Home.

C.To build a new kitchen for the club.


7.How will Susie collect more money according to Tommy?

A.By washing cars.

B.By selling cookies.

C.By having a yard sale.



M:Mary,when we get out of the elevator,could you call the repair shop to ask if my car has been repaired?I’m going into a meeting right away,so I don’t have time to call them.

W:Sure,Mr Walters.By the way,if your car’s still being repaired,how are you going to get to work tomorrow?Is your wife going to take you?

M:No,she goes in a different direction.

W:I can call a taxi for you,if you want.

M:No,thanks.I’m considering taking the bus.

W:That might be a good idea.You could get off right in front of our building,and you wouldn’t have to worry about parking.

8.Where might the speakers be?

A.In a repair shop.

B.In an elevator.

C.In a meeting room.


9.How will the man probably go to work tomorrow?

A.By car.

B.By bus.

C.By taxi.



W:I’d like to plant some flowers and bushes in the front and back yards.I noticed the other day that we are the only people on our street that don’t have a garden.

M:Well,I’m not sure.It will cost a lot of money and take a lot of time.Are you doing it just to fit in with everyone else?

W:No,that’s not the reason.I think their houses look nice with gardens.And I think ours would look better,too.

M:Okay.If that’s how you feel,we can go down to the local garden centre and pick out some things.What kind of flowers would you like to plant?I like yellow ones and purple ones.

W:I’m not quite sure.I’d like to look at some different kinds.I love pink,so I’d want to choose some flowers in that color.I’m determined to make our home look pretty.

10.What did the man think of the woman’s idea at first?

A.He doubted it.

B.He agreed with it.

C.He strongly opposed it.



11.Why does the woman want to plant things?

A.To work outside more.

B.To be like the neighbours.

C.To make the house more beautiful.


12.What flowers does the woman want?

A.Pink ones.

B.Purple ones.

C.Yellow ones.



M:Good evening.Do you have any rooms available at the moment?

W:Yes,we do.How many nights do you want to stay?

M:Four,if it’s possible.

W:Okay,let me see…I’m sorry,sir.I’m afraid we can only give you a room for two nights.It’s a very busy period right now.We’re almost fully booked these days.

M:All right.I’ll just stay for tonight,then.It’s too late to go to other hotels now.I’ll search for another one tomorrow.

W:That’s an excellent idea,sir.And thank you for your understanding.So,a single room for one night.Here is your key card,and your room is on the 7th floor.

M:Thanks.By the way,is there a swimming pool in the hotel?

W:Yes,there is.It’s on the 15th floor.But it closes at 10:00 pm.,so it was closed 45 minutes ago already.

M:That’s too bad.

W:We do have a gym that opens 24 hours.It’s on the 14th floor.

M:Great!Thanks for letting me know.

W:You’re welcome,sir.Oh,before I forget,breakfast is served on the 2nd floor from 6:30 to 10:00 in the morning.

13.How many nights is the man going to stay at the hotel?

A.One night.

B.Two nights.

C.Four nights.


14.What time is it now?

A.6:30 pm.

B.10:00 pm.

C.10:45 pm.


15.What is on the 14th floor?

A.A gym.

B.A restaurant.

C.A swimming pool.


16.What does the woman tell the man about breakfast in the end?

A.How good it is.

B.How much to pay for it.

C.Where and how long it is.



Ladies and gentlemen,we have an announcement for you.All flights leaving for Western Europe have been canceled because of a large cloud of smoke that has traveled from a volcano.If you were planning to fly to Northern Europe today,please check with your airline to see if your flight is still scheduled to take off.We aren’t sure when the planes to Western Europe will be rescheduled.There is no rain in the forecast right now,but there is a chance that some strong winds from the east will clear the skies tomorrow.We apologize for this delay.Unfortunately,the airlines cannot provide you with a hotel for the evening,but we hope you’ll be comfortable in our airport.There are small cupboards with locks just outside each security check.You can store your luggage safely and freely.There is a quiet zone on the third floor with chairs that open out to make small beds.If you’re from the Dallas area,please pay special attention to your cell phone.You will receive a message from your airline if your flight gets scheduled to leave.

17.Which flights have been canceled?

A.Ones to Western Europe.

B.Ones to Northern Europe.

C.Ones to Eastern Europe.


18.When might the canceled flights start again?

A.After the big rainstorm stops.

B.After the winds clear the skies.

C.After the volcano stops putting out smoke.


19.What will the affected passengers do tonight?

A.Call their airlines.

B.Find a hotel nearby.

C.Stay at the airport.


20.What does the speaker ask some passengers to pay attention to?

A.Their phone calls.

B.Their text messages.

C.The radio announcements.


第二部分 阅读(共两节,满分50分)




I think a close friend is someone you get on well with,who helps you when you have problems,who gives you advice,and who always has time for you.I didn’t use to have many close friends when I was at school because I was very shy,but now I have several.They are all women.I think it’s difficult to have a close friend of the opposite sex.


I think a close friend is someone who you’ve known for a long time,and who you still get on with.They have similar hobbies to you so you can do things together.I’ve got three close friends who I was at middle school with and we often go out together (without our parents of course).We often go camping,play football,or walk outside in the open air.


I’m not sure how to answer the question because I don’t really have any close friends.I know a lot of people but mainly through work,and the social occasions when we meet are business dinners,things like that.I think if you come from a really close family,friends are a bit unnecessary.I like spending my free time with my family.


For me close friends are the people you spend your free time with.I go out at weekends with a group of people,and they are all my close friends.They’re also people who live near me.I don’t think you can have close friends at a distance because you need to be able to see each other often.But I don’t think you need to be doing the same things.I mean I’m at school but none of my friends are.



21.Who doesn’t think women and men can be close friends?


A.Marie. B.David.

C.Richard. D.Anna.


解析细节理解题。根据Marie的观点“I think it’s difficult to have a close friend of the opposite sex.”可知,Marie认为异性很难成为亲密的朋友。

22.What does Richard say about friends?

A.They need to have much in common.

B.They’re less important than family.

C.They must work in the same place.

D.They come from social occasions.


解析细节理解题。根据Richard的观点“I think if you come from a really close family,friends are a bit unnecessary.”可知,Richard认为朋友没有家人重要。

23.What do we know about Anna’s friends?

A.They are all women.

B.They all do the same things.

C.They do not live far away.

D.They are all college students.


解析细节理解题。根据Anna的观点“They’re also people who live near me.I don’t think you can have close friends at a distance because you need to be able to see each other often.”可知,Anna和她亲密的朋友住得很近。



Farah was sitting in the kitchen going over the party list with her mother.The exams were over and Farah wanted to invite her friends for a party.

“Farah,aren’t you going to invite Hafsa?” her mother asked.Hafsa had been her best friend since childhood.

“Mother,you know I am now a part of Purple Girls Club and we have some rules about people we can be friends with,” Farah answered.

“Really?And what are the rules?” her mother asked.

“Well,only very pretty girls can be part of our group.And Hafsa is so…you know…dark.”

“I cannot believe it,” her mother said angrily.

As Farah left the kitchen,her father called her from the living room.Farah went to her father and paled when she saw the exam report in his hands.“Farah,what has happened to your grades?You have failed in Mathematics,” her father said.Farah had no answer.The truth was that the activities of Purple Girls Club left her with very little time for studies.“Farah,it says that you can take part in supplementary exams (补考).If your grades don’t improve then,I’ll cancel your trip to Spain.” Farah went to her room and called Gina,the leader of Purple Girls Club,“Gina,can you help me to complete my notes before the exams?” Gina laughed.“Exams?Who cares about exams?”

One by one,she called her friends in the club but no one seemed to care or wanted to help.Farah knew Hafsa would help her.Farah also knew Hafsa had been hurt by her,but Hafsa said,“If you need any help,just let me know.We can study together till your exams.” Next Monday,as two friends entered the school together,Gina called out.“Farah,you know our rules.You cannot be friends with those who do not belong to our club.”

“Gina,I have a new rule about friendship,” Farah replied.


24.After Farah became a member of Purple Girls Club,she chose a friend according to a person’s    


A.looks B.usual activities

C.grades D.favourite colours


解析细节理解题。根据第三段Farah回答妈妈的话,再结合第五段第一句可知,作为Purple Girls Club 的成员,Farah根据人的相貌来选择自己的朋友。

25.Farah became pale after going to her father because    

A.he didn’t allow her to go to Spain

B.she didn’t do well in her exams

C.she had to leave Purple Girls Club

D.he asked her to improve her grades



26.Which word can best describe Hafsa?

A.Silly. B.Beautiful.

C.Rude. D.Kind.


解析推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的“If you need any help,just let me know.We can study together till your exams.”可知,作者在求助其他朋友无果的时候,是她曾经伤害过的Hafsa帮助了她,由此推断Hafsa很善良。

27.What lesson can we learn from the passage?

A.A friend in need is a friend indeed.

B.A perfect friend will never be found.

C.Be slow in choosing a friend.

D.Friendship can be developed easily.


解析推理判断题。通读全文可知,作者在需要帮助的时候,她的所谓的好朋友并没有帮助她,而曾经被她伤害过的 Hafsa却帮助了她。我们从本文得到的启示是“患难朋友才是真朋友”。



We can make mistakes at any age.Some mistakes we make are about money.But most mistakes are about people.“Did Jerry really care when I broke up with Helen?” “When I got that great job,did Jim really feel good about it,as a friend?Or did he envy my luck?” “And Paul,why didn’t I pick up that he was friendly just because I had a car?” When we look back,doubts like these can make us feel bad.But when we look back,it’s too late.

Why do we go wrong about our friends or our enemies?Sometimes what people say hides their real meaning.And if we don’t really listen,we miss the feeling behind the words.Suppose someone tells you,“You’re a lucky dog.” That’s being friendly.But lucky dog?There’s a bit of envy in those words.Maybe he doesn’t see it himself.But bringing in the dog puts you down a little.What he may be saying is that he doesn’t think you deserve your luck.

“Just think of all the things you have to be thankful for” is another noise that says one thing and means another.It could mean that the speaker is trying to get you to see your problem as part of your life as a whole.But is he?Wrapped up in this phrase is the thought that your problem isn’t important.It’s telling you to think of all the starving people in the world when you haven’t got a date for Saturday night.

How can you tell the real meaning behind someone’s words?One way is to take a good look at the person talking.Do his words fit the way he looks?Does what he says agree with the tone of voice?His posture?The look in his eyes?Stop and think.The minute you spend thinking about the real meaning of what people say to you may save another mistake.


28.This passage is mainly about    

A.how to make friends

B.what to do when you listen to others talking



C.how to avoid mistakes when you communicate with people

D.why we go wrong with people sometimes



29.According to the author,the reason why we go wrong about our friends is that    

A.we fail to listen carefully when they talk

B.people tend to be annoyed when we check what they say

C.people usually state one thing but mean another

D.we tend to doubt what our friends say



30.In the second paragraph,the underlined word “it” refers to    

A.being friendly B.lucky dog

C.a bit of envy D.your luck


解析推理判断题。根据上文“There’s a bit of envy in those words.”可知,在别人说你是幸运儿的时候,实际上是有点儿嫉妒的意味,但是说话人自己并没有感觉到这一点。由此推断,it指的是前句中的“a bit of envy”。

31.When we listen to a person talking,the most important thing for us to do is    

A.notice the way the person is talking

B.take a good look at the person talking

C.mind his tone,his posture and the look in his eyes

D.examine the real meaning of what he says based on his manner,his tone and his posture






During the rosy years of elementary school(小学),I enjoyed sharing my dolls and jokes,which allowed me to keep my high social status.I was the queen of the playground.Then came my tweens and teens,and mean girls and cool kids.They rose in the ranks not by being friendly but by smoking cigarettes,breaking rules and playing jokes on others, among whom I soon found myself.

Popularity is a well-explored subject in social psychology.Mitch Prinstein,a professor of clinical psychology sorts the popular into two categories:the likable and the status seekers.The likables’ plays-well-with-others qualities strengthen schoolyard friendships,jump-start interpersonal skills and,when tapped early,are employed ever after in life and work.Then there’s the kind of popularity that appears in adolescence:status born of power and even dishonorable behavior.

Enviable as the cool kids may have seemed,Dr.Prinstein’s studies show unpleasant consequences.Those who were highest in status in high school,as well as those least liked in elementary school,are “most likely to engage(从事) in dangerous and risky behavior”.

In one study,Dr.Prinstein examined the two types of popularity in 235 adolescents,scoring the least liked,the most liked and the highest in status based on student surveys(调查研究).“We found that the least well-liked teens had become more aggressive over time toward their classmates.But so had those who were high in status.It clearly showed that while likability can lead to healthy adjustment,high status has just the opposite effect on us.”

Dr.Prinstein has also found that the qualities that made the neighbors want you on a play date—sharing,kindness,openness—carry over to later years and make you better able to relate and connect with others.

In analyzing his and other research,Dr.Prinstein came to another conclusion:Not only is likability related to positive life outcomes,but it is also responsible for those outcomes,too.“Being liked creates opportunities for learning and for new kinds of life experiences that help somebody gain an advantage,” he said.


32.What sort of girl was the author in her early years of elementary school?


A.Unkind. B.Lonely.

C.Generous. D.Cool.


解析细节理解题。根据第一段第一、二句“During the rosy years of elementary school,I enjoyed sharing my dolls and jokes,which allowed me to keep my high social status.I was the queen of the playground.”可知,在小学阶段,作者是一个慷慨大方的姑娘,人缘很好。故选C项。

33.What is the second paragraph mainly about?

A.The classification of the popular.

B.The characteristics of adolescents.

C.The importance of interpersonal skills.

D.The causes of dishonorable behavior.


解析段落大意题。根据第二段第二句“Mitch Prinstein,a professor of clinical psychology sorts the popular into two categories: the likable and the status seekers.”可知,本段主要论述人气的分类:讨人喜爱型与追求地位型。故选A项。

34.What did Dr.Prinstein’s study find about the most liked kids?

A.They appeared to be aggressive.

B.They tended to be more adaptable.

C.They enjoyed the highest status.

D.They performed well academically.



35.What is the best title for the text?

A.Be Nice—You Won’t Finish Last

B.The Higher the Status,the Better

C.Be the Best—You Can Make It

D.More Self-Control,Less Aggressiveness





There’s no doubt that when it comes to friendship,you want positive people in your life and not negative ones.36  

Support when you need it.

With positive friends,you don’t need to beg for help when you need it because chances are they will be there for you without asking.37  

Health benefits of being positive.

The more positive friends you have,the better you will be at remaining optimistic yourself.38  For example,it helps people to deal with stress and illness better.Health benefits may include lower rates of depression,a greater ability to throw off colds,and a reduced risk of developing disease. 

Bring out the best in you.

39  This means trying new things,achieving goals,and having the kind of life you dreamed of for yourself.With positive people in your life,you’ll feel more comfortable sharing your goals because your friends will give you the emotional push you need to go after what you want in life. 

Attract More Positive Friends.

You naturally attract the kinds of friends who are most like you.So if you’re a downer,you’ll probably find that negative people flock to you.40  The more you are able to maintain a positive attitude,the more like-minded people you’ll attract in return. 


A.Here are some benefits of spending time with positive friends.

B.That’s why you’d better surround yourself with positive friends.

C.In most cases,they will go out of their way to help you when you’re in trouble.

D.The same is true for being positive.

E.As we all know,there are many benefits of being optimistic.

F.Your positive friends will inspire you to be the best you can be.

G.Most of the time,you have to ask them to help you when in trouble.



36.A 根据下文的几个小标题可知,本文主要介绍拥有积极乐观的朋友的好处,A项引出下文,符合语境。

37.C 根据小标题可知,本段主要讲的是积极乐观的朋友会主动帮助自己,C项符合语境。

38.E 根据小标题可知,本段介绍积极乐观对健康的好处,E项承上启下,符合语境,故选E项。

39.F 根据小标题以及本段内容可知,本段讲的是积极乐观的朋友会激励你成为最好的自己,故选F项。

40.D 前文讲到,如果你是个沮丧的人,你很可能会发现你身边都是消极悲观的人。下文讲到同样的道理,越是保持积极乐观的态度,就越能吸引志趣相投的人。由此可知D项“积极乐观也是这种情况”符合语境。

第三部分 语言运用(共两节,满分30分)



Joe and Della were a new couple.They were both interested in art—one in painting,the other in music.They lived in a small flat.They loved each other and they were happy.


But one day they found that they had spent all their money.One afternoon Della told Joe that she had found a 41  and was to give her three music lessons a week.For that she could get fifteen dollars a week.But Joe was not 42  because he didn’t want to stay at home,playing with his art while Della was at work.He wanted to earn some money too. 

Every day they parted in the morning and 43  in the evening. 

A week 44 ,Della brought home fifteen dollars,but she looked a little 45 .Joe took eighteen dollars out of his pocket.They were both 46 to have so much money at hand. 

The next week,Joe 47  home another eighteen dollars but Della came home with her right hand in a bandage. 

Joe asked Della what was the 48 .Della said,“It was because of an iron—I mean a plate of soup spilled on my 49 .” 

“What do you do every day,Della? Do you 50  give music lessons?” Joe asked.“Tell me the 51 !” 

Della cried.She told Joe that she was working in a laundry,52  shirts.A girl accidentally 53  an iron on her hand and she got a 54  burn.But Della asked Joe how he had guessed that she wasn’t giving music lessons. 

Joe told Della that he worked in the engine-room of the same laundry where she worked.They both let out their 55 and laughed. 


41.A.pupil B.teacher

C.painter D.director


解析根据下文的“was to give her three music lessons a week”可知,她找了个给学生上音乐课的工作。

42.A.worried B.busy

C.glad D.surprising


解析由下文的“because he didn’t want to stay at home”可看出,他不愿待在家里,所以不高兴。

43.A.studied B.met

C.worked D.talked



44.A.passed B.spent

C.wasted D.killed


解析根据下一段句首的The next week可知,此处为“一周过去了”spend,waste和kill(消磨)都是及物动词。

45.A.tired B.excited

C.fatter D.stranger



46.A.puzzled B.disappointed

C.anxious D.happy


解析根据下文的“so much money”可知,他们很高兴。

47.A.borrowed B.brought

C.applied D.stored


解析根据上文“Della brought home fifteen dollars”的提示可知此处选B项。

48.A.result B.job

C.matter D.bandage



49.A.foot B.face

C.arm D.hand


解析根据“but Della came home with her right hand in a bandage”可知,D项正确。

50.A.really B.often

C.seldom D.finally



51.A.truth B.cause

C.reason D.incident



52.A.making B.repairing

C.ironing D.selling



53.A.picked up B.set down

C.poured out D.filled with


解析根据Della的手受伤,和后面的on her hand可知,此处为“放到她的手上了”set down“放下”。

54.A.slight B.bad

C.soft D.hard



55.A.secrets B.lessons

C.ideas D.opinions






Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives.It is actually like a bottle of wine.The longer it 56.(keep),the sweeter it will be.It is also like a cup of tea.When we are thirsty,it will be our best 57.     (choose),but when we have enough time to enjoy ourselves,it is also the most fragrant drink. 

58.     ,in this fast-developing modern society,the reality is not that.More and more people forget 59.      (enjoy) the beauty of life and the beauty of friendship; they work hard in order to gain a 60. (high) position in society and to earn more money for their work.Of course,we don’t deny that 61. is important to find a better place in our lives,but we wish more and more people could pay a little more attention 62.      themselves and their friends.All of us have to spare some time for personal lives.We have to find the chance to express our emotion and love.When 63.      (stay) with our friends,we can release ourselves 64.      (complete).We can do whatever we want,we can laugh together,talk together,and even cry together.I should say that being together with our best friends is the most wonderful moment of our lives. 

As we know,we would feel lonely if we didn’t even have a friend,but it doesn’t mean we could depend on our friends all the time.There is 65.      famous motto saying that “A friend is like a quilt with cotton wadding,but the real thing that keeps you warm is your own temperature.” 



56.is kept 考查时态语态。后句使用将来时,前句相当于条件句,应用一般现在时。keep与主语it之间为动宾关系,需用被动语态。

57.choice 考查名词。形容词最高级best的后面要接名词,动词choose的名词是choice。

58.However 考查副词。根据句意可知第二段内容和第一段内容之间为转折关系,所以使用however。

59.to enjoy 考查非谓语动词。forget to do sth“忘记要做某事”;forget doing sth“忘记做过了某事”。

60.higher 考查形容词比较级。根据后文earn more money可知,此处也应该使用比较级higher。

61.it 考查代词。分析句子结构可知,it是宾语从句的形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式to find a better place in our lives。

62.to 考查介词。pay attention to是固定短语,意为“注意”。

63.staying 考查非谓语动词。句子主语we与动词stay构成主动关系,所以使用动词-ing形式在句中充当状语。

64.completely 考查副词。在英语中,通常使用副词修饰动词、形容词或副词。

65.a 考查冠词。motto是一个可数名词,其前应用不定冠词a。

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分40分)












Dear Jenny,

I am really sorry to hear that you feel bad after entering the high school. 











Best wishes!


Li Hua


Dear Jenny, 

I am really sorry to hear that you feel bad after entering the high school.You should remember that your classmates are also new there and facing the same problem,so you don’t have to worry too much about it.There is also something that you can do to change this situation.First,try to invite some of your classmates to take part in some activities together after school.This will help you understand each other better by communicating with others.Then,help others when they are in trouble,and ask them to help you when you have difficulty.Soon,I believe you will make many new friends there. 

Best wishes! 


Li Hua 



Our daughter Alissa passed away after a war with a serious illness on August 25.Her life was not easy.She grew to only four feet nine inches tall and experienced some learning problems.In her late teens,she had pneumonia (肺炎) three times in six months,which required her to go into hospital.However,Alissa had a great spirit and managed problems with courage and determination.

The death of Alissa left a big hole in our lives — as if someone took away all of the happiness and joy.As the first anniversary (周年纪念日) came,we needed something to move us forward.That was a small dog we named Baci.

My wife Susan,and youngest daughter Jenna had been looking for a dog.I was not so enthusiastic,but they continued on.On September 26 the next year,Baci arrived in our lives from a pet store.That night,I came home from work and waited for Susan and Jenna to arrive with Baci.Jenna walked through the door and handed me this small ball of hair.I put Baci on my hands,and the first thing he did was lick (舔) my hands.It was love from the first doggy kiss,with many more to follow.

Baci quickly became part of the family and suddenly the air of the house changed.He liked to take walks around the lake at Belmont State Park.He did crazy things that made us laugh.He would put his ball near me and wait for me to throw it into the front yard.Then he would find out the ball and repeat the game.

Baci was not a perfect dog.He kept others from touching his toys.He was stubborn at times.He would go through the bathroom garbage.He was not friendly with other dogs in public.

But Baci gave us a lot of love.When we came home,he would come to the door happily.He would come up and give me kisses.


Unluckily,as Baci celebrated his 10th birthday,he started having health problems. 








Baci was something we needed to move us forward in our journey through sadness. 










Unluckily,as Baci celebrated his 10th birthday,he started having health problems.I found there was a time when Baci always lay on the ground lazily and had no interest in food.Later we were told that he had a serious illness.Gradually,he became weaker and weaker.It appears that our days with Baci are coming to a close.I am preparing myself for the terrible day when I will have to say goodbye to Baci.

Baci was something we needed to move us forward in our journey through sadness.He is an unexpected gift from God for which I will always be thankful.This crazy small dog has made a difference to a family fighting against the death of a daughter and sister.I still remember the days when Baci put his ball near me and waited for me to throw it away,which made us laugh happily.That memory of Baci will live lovingly in my heart for a valuable part of my life.



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